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Wanted: EFi late model short speedo cable or early PG1 speedo gear

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  • Wanted: EFi late model short speedo cable or early PG1 speedo gear

    Hi All!

    On my father's MG Maestro EFi is the short speedo cable broken that connects gearbox to the box for the speed signals to the ECU. We have a later gearbox fitted, where the cable is screwed onto the speedo drive. Either that or the older style speedo drive from a PG1 gearbox, where the cable is fitted using a splinth...

    Anyone able to send me one of the above?

    Kind regards,


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    Was 3-4 years ago now but my local motor factors had one in when my gearbox was changed, it was frayed.
    MG Maestro Turbo #500
    Ledbury Maestro 1.3

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      Local car spare shops here in Germany would struggle to find anything apart from a spark plug for the Maestro...

      Problem is: The car is fitted with the later type of speedo drive (swapped drive train not long ago). The cable broke now.

      From the older gearbox I do have the cable in good condition, but the speedo drive does not budge from the gearbox housing. If I use any more force, I will only damage it...

      Easiest would be, if someone has the short speedo cable fitting the drive that is currently on the engine, as removing the drive is a bit tricky (if it will move at all).

      For illustration, see the rimmers' web site here
      Left on the illustration is the older type, right the more modern one.




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        We're still looking for these... Anyone?


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          might be worth asking , I think this one might be different but might be worth asking the seller if he has any different ones?


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            Hi i should have one its just finding it in all my spares will have a look for you cheers montego man