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  • Wanted

    maestro turbo driving lamps as mine are broken or the Lucas covers to put on the lamps

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    Lucas DX95 are the OE but with a reversed bracket. Standard ones can be made to fit. I think Hella 550 also can be made to fit. Someone with more experience in maestro Turbos will hopefully reply with some better info!


    • #3
      I hope so because that's all I need to finish the front end of the car as everything else is there albeit needing refurbishing


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        Hi. In the past I have taken a "standard" Lucas DX95 and successfully removed the glass lens.

        This was done by carefully heating the lamp in the oven and even more carefully levering the lens away from the body.

        The lens can then be rotated and stuck back on with the "Lucas" motif in the correct position for the Turbo. I used a sealant to glue it back on.


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          I was hoping somebody on here might have some nos items or even good condition used ones but I suppose like my rs restoration I will probably have to remanufacture and make do and mend


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            Some on e-bay at the moment -

            Hella comment 550 also fit perfectly.
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              I've made contact with him and offered to buy em and pay postage but he won't post em as he says they will get damaged
              even when I pointed out that when I buy em I will take the risk on them getting damaged in transit as he will already have been paid he is still refusing to post em and as I live 200 miles away from chertsey I'm not collecting unless anybody on here lives near there and is willing to collect them when I've bought em and then I will pay them to post them I'm stuffed
              I've messaged him 3 times now asking him to post and he won't budge for some reason


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                Hi this may be a silly question as I am not too sure of the parts I have been left to try and sell but are they the rectangle lights that go in the bottom of the turbo front bumper? If so I might just have a set available for sale and providing you are willing to pay the postage I will post them to you providing they are the correct ones. If you are interested and you would like a picture of them sent to you then please provide me with your email address and I will send you a picture or two.


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                  Yes that's the items they are classed as driving/ fog lamps
                  my email is.


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                    Hi I have emailed you over a couple of pictures of the ones I have.




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                      I replied back yesterday giving you the dimensions of mine which are 200mm wide and nearly 100mm high and could you also email me photos of the back of them and the mounting brackets please
                      the price is fine so if they fit I will have them thanks