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Wanted Power steering pump

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    Originally posted by Maestro384 View Post
    I want to try and rebuild it although my pockets are deep there's nowt better than fixing something yourself like when bonnet release cable broke on my rs they are 25 brand new I just bought some garden trellis wire and a bmx outer casing all in 3.50 job done so when bonnet release cable broke on maestro this week I'd got some left so I made 1 for the maestro and as the cable runs under front slam panel nobody would ever tell so I'm going to have a go at the power steering pump if nobody comes up with one on here
    Even if you do get a replacement from Keith, it'd be interesting to have a look inside the old one...nothing to lose if you've got a good one on the car already ... everyone else that isn't getting covered in atf and battering their fingers will be interested too ha ha ha


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      Lovely hope you find it if so let me know please


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        I will defo strip it down and try and refurb it anyway just for everybody's future reference


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          Well thanks to Keith I've now got a nice new power steering pump even though the bottom came out of the bag five seconds after I got it so it is nicely dinged but hey ho thanks for all the replies I'm now sorted


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            If you can be patient you will find one, try the M & M Facebook, ask on there you should find one. I changed mine to a Rover SD1 (new from Rimmers 100) Fits & works fine.
            The bottom picture is the new one with blue cap.