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  • Very unusual (odd) Maestro

    This car has been touched on before, not sure anyone could shed any light on its origins, but it's now for sale.
    I called in to see the car and met the owner many years ago, he was a most odd gentleman and made some pretty exaggerated claims about the performance and economy due to some of the esoteric modifications. Sadly he died 6 months ago and it would be good to see the car preserved in the hands of somebody who appreciates it.

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    if its a true prototype it deserves saving and restoring to how it would have been


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      Personally I believe it's not a factory prototype but a home conversion / modification done by a slightly eccentric owner.


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        David, can you recall what happened in the engine bay? Looking at the pics on the ebay advert, I can see that it used to be an early VP with digi-dash, but can't work out what has been going on under the bonnet. What is with the two batteries, two wash bottles, oil cooler, twin exhausts, and what looks like a back-to-front chromed R series cam cover, as well as all the other paraphenalia that at first glance seems totall unwarranted.
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          Think it came out of the factory as an HL, so all of the 'bling' seems to have been added later, including the digidash..


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            Originally posted by mgdavid View Post
            Personally I believe it's not a factory prototype but a home conversion / modification done by a slightly eccentric owner.
            Think you're spot on there David
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              The cloth parts of the interior trim material and the digital dash look Vanden Plas but the VIN points to 1.6 HLS. I know Austin Rover were looking at a higher performance version of the car and then hastily made it become MG in time for production following the success of the MG Metro the previous year. There would have been a prototype but I am pretty certain this car isn't it. Definitely a homemade thing, even if it was done around the time the car was built or soon after. I have no idea what all that extra stuff under the bonnet is for.