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2013 Feb 22-24-RACE RETRO show (historic motorsport)-Coventry

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  • 2013 Feb 22-24-RACE RETRO show (historic motorsport)-Coventry

    Race Retro 2013

    exhibiting this car:
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    Post below if you're going to be there; do come up and find us in Hall 3...


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      Will be there on Sunday.



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        Great to see Patrick at the show. Pablo Raybould was there and saw the stand but we missed him on the day as we were elsewhere at the time.

        We also had a visit from Dave Richards (editor of Classic Car Weekly), his reporter (who did an interview with me and also the London to Capetown girls), and several visits from Francis Tuthill (Porsche 911 historic rally legend), Bill Skermer (former Rover engineer who worked on the MG Maestro 1600's carbs and saw my car being raced at the Austin Rover Rallysprint (Donington -Nov 83).

        Overall, it was a brilliant event and everyone really enjoyed it. I'll post more pics and videos in due course...


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          Media coverage:

          and online media:

          [word search for MAESTRO to find the relevant photo on the above webpages]

          [Note the slight error that they thought the Maestros were part of the adjacent 'British Racing Mechanics Club' stand. The club only set up by us at the last minute -they were moved from a poor location elsewhere on the morning of the event. Unfortunately, we don't have a decent big banner to proclaim what the stand is representing -which is this:

          BMC marques Motorsport Group

          However, if anyone (or even the MMOC) would be willing to make a donation towards getting a vinyl banner made, we'd be very grateful!
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            Photos from visitors to the show:
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              Classic Car Weekly were very interested in the 2 Maestros on the BMC Marques Motorsport Group stand, and did a good feature on them in their write up of the show (see attached article).
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