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Northern shows this year, and next

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  • Northern shows this year, and next

    Dear All

    The attached link takes you to the details of which shows/events we have attended here in the north of England.
    Those highlighted in yellow we did not attend, for a variety of reasons (see notes on the spreadsheet).

    Looking ahead to 2018, the shows highlighted in red are ones which we could attend next year.
    They include most of the ones we went to/intended to go to this year, plus some extras.
    If anyone has been to any of the shows before, which we didn't get to in 2017, and has views as to their suitability then please do get in touch.
    If anyone knows of any good shows I have missed out then, again please get in touch.
    In most cases I don't have specific dates for these events in 2018 yet (just the month in which they shoud be held), so there will doubtless be some clashes.

    I hope those of you who have come along in 2017, will want to participate again in 2018.
    I hope that some of you who have not yet dipped your toe into going to shows with us (and your Maestro or Montego) will want to do so next year.
    We will, perhaps obviously, only be going to shows where there is enough interest and enthusiasm for being there as a club (we need a minimum of 4 cars to warrant having a stand)

    When we get into February/March (yes I am planning ahead, but I think it would be helpful for those of us who like to get these things into our diaries), to let me know if you'd like to go to certain shows, then I can get tickets ordered at least 30 days ahead of each show date, and we don't miss out on any we want to go to.

    If anyone is a member of the club but doesn't have a Maestro or Montego at the moment (or at least not on the road) then why not get in touch with me anyway, and I might be able to pair you up with a member who does have a car on the road, and you could arrange to come along with sonmeone for the ride.
    Who knows, it might give you the enthusiasm to get into ownership yourself, or get that restoration project finished?)


    Andrew Stokell