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The Pride of Longbridge, Cofton Park - Saturday 14th April 2018

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  • The Pride of Longbridge, Cofton Park - Saturday 14th April 2018

    This might bore some of you know already know all about the Pride of Longbridge, so please skip through the parts that you know about.

    If you are into your Longbridge history, then this is the rally for you.

    The Pride of Longbridge is held on the nearest Saturday in April to the mass redundancies caused by the collapse of MG Rover in April 2005. This year's rally is on Saturday 14th April and is organised by the Gemma Cartwright and a team of volunteers. The event has a dual purpose of both remembering the collapse and those affected by it and also celebrating Longbridge's fantastic vehicle making history. The event now attracts well over 2000 vehicles, and if it has a connection to Longbridge you will probably find it there. Many former employees and members of the local community come along too. It is free of charge for both vehicles and the public, however, as you can imagine it is not free to host, so if you feel inclined to make a donation towards the event, it would be very gratefully received.

    In previous years, the Austin and Longbridge Federation (ALF) have been involved in organising Pride of Longbridge. I got to know John Baker, the chairman of the ALF in 2009 at the IMM held at Longbridge I found him quite inspiring, and when I saw his website, I was blown away - I'm pleased to say that this website is now backed up regularly by the British Library. John and I became friends and at the 2010 Pride of Longbridge he said that I should think about bringing a convoy of Longbridge connected vehicles from Cowley (so that includes all production at Cowley from 1952 to 2000 when the Plants were linked) to the Pride of Longbridge, and so the Cowley Convoy was born.

    If you happen to either live in the Oxfordshire area or would travel through Oxfordshire to get to the Pride of Longbridge or just want to join us (we do have people who come from Birmingham just to come on the convoy!), we'd love to have you. In the spirit of the Pride of Longbridge, the Cowley Convoy is free of charge. We do have flags and run plaques which are entirely optional and sold at cost price. However, please do bring your own flags etc, if you have other flags.

    We've had some great cars on previous convoy including a replica of Mr Bean's Mini, with Mr Bean on top, and the Met Police have very kindly brought their operational Rover SD1 and Rover 827, and as they are operational vehicles, they come complete with Police Officers. It's always good to have Maestros and Montegos along, coming back to their home Plant before convoying to Longbridge.

    There are two routes. The scenic one which takes our usual route of Woodstock, Chipping Norton, Moreton in Marsh, Broadway etc, and also a motorway route were we join the M40 at junction 9 (Bicester). The scenic route will leave at 8.00am and the motorway route at 8.30am.

    You can sign up for the Cowley Convoy here - The Cowley Convoy also has a Facebook page - as does the Pride of Longbridge - Stuart Watson made a great film in 2013 and here's our amateur Facebook short film also from 2013 - Hopefully you'll get the idea - the Cowley Convoy is a lot of fun

    Here's my album from last year's Pride of Longbridge -

    Please remember that all the marshals are volunteers and please do as they ask. Please expect to queue getting into Cofton Park there will be a lot of cars to park up!
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    Well despite putting in a request several weeks ago I've still not been able to access the PoL FB page so am none the wiser as to where we are... On the basis they are ignoring any new applicants to their group is there any chance you could give us some more info as to where we will be on the park, Tanya?


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      I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty accessing the Pride of Longbridge Facebook Group.

      Please go to Cofton Park (B45 8UN). The Maestro & Montego Owners Club have been allocated Plot 12. Currently this is all the information I have, but if I get a map showing where that is, I'll post it up.

      It would be useful if you could display a '12' in your windscreen to aid Marshals in directing you on the day


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        Will do, thanks!


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          is it definetly on or has it been rained off... regards ricky
          home of the "mad maestro"
          rover sterling kv6 and four tailpipes on lenso rs5's
          1935 Morris 18/6 being rejuvenated with xj6 parts


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            Apparently says on facebook reduced in size - some on the park and some on the road? I'm not on facebook. Someone just texted me.


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              The Pride of Longbridge cannot take place tomorrow in Cofton Park as the ground is unsuitable due to the recent wet weather. While the Pride of Longbridge itself will be continue in the roads around Longbridge, naturally it will be on a much smaller scale. The area is likely to be very congested and it's very possible that you will struggle to find a parking space should you try and go. Therefore, M&MOC's advice is not to attend this year although the final decision lies with individual members.

              We all recognise this is sad and a huge disappointment to many. However, we are very grateful to Gemma Cartwright and her team for all the effort they have put in during the last 12 months to try and make this Pride of Longbridge an event for all to participate in and wish them all the best for tomorrow. We're also looking forward to 2019 when we hope the weather is kinder.


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                Real shame that. A lot of effort put in by a lot of dedicated people all to be spoilt by the Great British weather.

                I look forward to sunny days at Gaydon and Nene Park!