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Project 41's introduction.....

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  • Project 41's introduction.....

    So I've been a lurker on Facebook for a while know as I always had a soft spot for Maestros - my dad had an A reg VDP when I was growing up. I've always been into my VW Polo's & as such still one of the founding members of Club Polo.... (But don't hold that against me!)

    i had had seen an advert on the Facebook page for a Montego 1.6 for 500 & took a shine to it. But coming up for Christmas & having 3 kids & a wife to buy presents for it was out of my budget.... A couple of weeks later I see Pat, the owner, has started doing a Bonus ball for said Montego - so I picked a number - paid my 9.... And I won it!!

    So it's been dubbed Project 41.... Initial plans are to get it from Canterbury up to me in Scotland. Asses any rust which needs taken care of & then slowly work over everything, upgrading a few parts as I go....

    That is the only picture I have currently!

    wishe me luck!!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    That was a stroke of luck (Bonus Ball).

    Bags of experience on here to help you with your project.


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      I'm pretty good at trying most things (welding & paintwork aside) - Haynes manual bought already!
      Its 389 miles from me to the car!! Trying to get a lift down & then drive it back up.....


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        You were obviously destined to own one!
        She looks pretty solid so good luck. If a 389 mile tripdoesn't highlight any issues then nothing will.

        Good luck,
        Ian Drew
        MG Maestro Turbo '400'
        MG ZT V8
        Rover 75 V6 Estate


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          A good friend of mine called James Herschell is collecting it for me towards the end of next week. He's going to store it at his place near Birmingham until I can get down for it at the end of the month. While its in his care he is going to check it all over as he's had 5 Maestros himself previously & use to be part of the club.