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The New MG 2.0 wont start..

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  • The New MG 2.0 wont start..

    Hi All, Ok drove it down from north wales- apart from slight splutter now and then all ok... following day drove it 30 miles to get some advice on bodywork on parking up was very low on fuel... 2 weeks later ive tried to restart it it coughed into life then died within a couple of seconds.... Now i've added 4.5 litres of fuel as i suspect it may have been empty/run out as i parked it. Car turns over well - thou now need to recharge the battery... Is there anything i need to look out for specifically? I'll need to check i have spark (have new leads plugs (look new on outside) rotor arm and dissie cap ) also have new fuel filter oil air and new oil as intended to do a full service as soon as i had time. There is no reprime fuel procedure or special start up is there? i've quickly checked plug leads and coil connections but not yet had time to dig int it just hoping its something simple as it ran fine 2 weeks ago and started within 2 seconds no problem....

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    well i have spark fitted laser spark plug checkers all ok there.. so any trick with fuel or something else i need to check?


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      Rover don't have much to say about restart after running out, can you hear the pump running for a few seconds when you turn ignition on?


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        I owned this car for a while. It wouldn't start if the tank was low. You probably need to add at least another 5 litres. I don't know the reason. A new fuel pump was fitted by another owner about 6 months ago. Hope that helps.


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          My hearing is rubbish these days - so cant say ive heard the pump will try adding a bit more- Is the pump at the rear axle like the montego manual says for its efi? Thanks for the info Kobe as i've had no maintenance history for the car.


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            I think it will fire up if you add more fuel. The pump is near the rear axle. Hope it works out ok.


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              ok tried some more fuel - no go - some easy start and it turns over and dies... so my guess is no fuel... i can hear a squirt when i turn ignition off - fuel return to tank? cant hear pump will locate pump then get someone to try starting car - or try fuel filter change then....


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                There may be a problem with one of the two fuel pump relays mounted on the passenger's side inner wing: One of them energises the pump to get the car started, the other takes over once the engine is running.
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                  When these cars run out of petrol they end up sucking loads of crap up from the bottom of the tank and then blockages can occur. That along with the fact that it didn't like being low on fuel before won't help. I wonder what state the fuel pickup is in inside the tank, possibly corroded and therefore shorter? You could try wiring the pump in continuously, that would rule out the fuel relays etc. I recall in the past another forum user spending a fair amount of time and money on a problem where when fuel low and turning left hard, the car would die and refuse to start, turned out to be the corroded fuel pick-up and the lines being full of crud.

                  Good luck!
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                    yeah full of crud is about what i'm expecting - oh to have the time to get under and try to sort... Thanks for all the input I'll let you know what happens next...