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  • WANTED - MG Maestro with DigiDash

    Looking for a complete MG Maestro with a DigiDash - fully running car only, but with or without an MOT is fine.

    Either an MG1600 or I do believe there were a few MG 2.0 EFI models had the DigiDash also.

    Prefer good condition and don't mind a bit of work, but NOT a basket case....
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  • Mechanical Fuel Pump - MG Maestro 1600 R-Series

    I have an MG Maestro 1600 which hasn't been started for a couple of years and I am currently working through the issues on the iginition (spark, fuel, etc.)

    These cars (R-Series) have a mechanical fuel pump located on the cam cover and mine seems to have failed (which I have read can happen...
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  • MG Maestro 1600 S-Series

    I have for sale an MG Maestro 1600 S-Series - yes the very rare one. It is a stalled restoration project and requires a lot of work to get back on the road. I have come to the realisation that with four other cars and two children (one under 1yr old) that I will never have the time and effort to get...
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  • matthewsemple
    started a topic Sorting out my MG1600

    Sorting out my MG1600

    The other day, when I was missing the use of my MG Maestro 1600, I decided to try to put it back on the road. It has been SORNd since Spring 2009 and as I will have owned it for 10 years in April, I think it deserves to be used a bit more.

    So I spent some time fiddling with it today and...
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