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  • WANTED Maestro Sills or Advice

    I need to replace or repair the (inner) sills on my 1985 MG Maestro.
    I've searched all over but can't find any available.
    Can anyone suggest where I might get something suitable, please?
    I only need the rear pieces, under a metre in length, so maybe it would be simpler to patch up...
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  • RustBucket57
    started a topic [Wanted] Headlamp Switch

    Headlamp Switch

    Hello, does anybody know where I can obtain a headlamp switch for my 1994 Montego LXI (Petrol Engine)?
    Location: Basildon Essex.

    Many Thanks
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  • WANTED - MG Maestro with DigiDash

    Looking for a complete MG Maestro with a DigiDash - fully running car only, but with or without an MOT is fine.

    Either an MG1600 or I do believe there were a few MG 2.0 EFI models had the DigiDash also.

    Prefer good condition and don't mind a bit of work, but NOT a basket case....
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  • Paul72
    started a topic [Wanted] Maestro speedo drive ring

    Maestro speedo drive ring

    as title, I'm after a good condition maestro/Montego drive ring that fits to the diff, as the one on my diff now looks like it's been attacked by a hammer and chisel at sometime in its past, or if anyone know where you can still get them from or its part number
    thanks paul
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  • Team Myerscough
    started a topic MG Maestro Roof lining (non sunroof)

    MG Maestro Roof lining (non sunroof)

    Hi again,
    it looks like we are going to need a roof lining for the car. So if anyone would be helpful enough to get in touch about locating one, we would be very grateful.
    Best regards
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  • Team Myerscough
    started a topic MG maestro challenge front suspension

    MG maestro challenge front suspension

    We are a group of Myerscough college students, that are working to strip and rebuild an MG Maestro as our second year project.
    We are in need of a pair of challenge spec front suspension struts. If anyone would be able to help or give advice on where to locate these is would be much...
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  • Montego Estate Doors & Panels

    Hi, I am trying to rescue a 1993 Montego Estate that has unfortunately been off the road for too long and many of the bolt on panels have disintegrated. The underside and mechanicals seem ok. I was wondering if anyone has the following spares, and how much they would like for them;

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  • Guest's Avatar

    Metal Maestro Front Bumper

    I'm looking for any metal Maestro front bumper and ideally the plastic ends to finish it off - based in Chatteris in Cambridgeshire but have the potential to collect from quite a distance.
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Austin Montego Wanted

    Austin Montego Wanted

    Im looking for an austin montego Estate for parts or repair.
    Most of the panels on mine are rusty and need replacing.
    So If anyone has an unused austin montego or some austin montego parts then Id be happy to have it.

    Also, Does anyone know how much car moving might cost me?...
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