Price Guide

The prices on this page are taken from Practical Classics magazine and we think they give a fair idea of what Maestros and Montegos are changing hands for at the present moment in time.
If you are unfortunate enough to have your car written off, insurance companies should offer the sum it would cost to purchase a replacement vehicle in similar condition.


Model From To C1 C2 C3
Austin/Rover Maestro 1983 2001 £1,200 £650 £200
MG Maestro 1983 1993 £1,500 £850 £300
MG Maestro Turbo 1988 1991 £3,500 £1,800 £900



Model From To C1 C2 C3
Austin/Rover Montego 1984 1995 £1,200 £750 £250
MG Montego 1984 1993 £1,500 £850 £350
MG Montego Turbo 1985 1992 £2,000 £950 £500


Vehicle Condition


Condition 1 – C1

Cars are in excellent condition in all respects. They are not concours, but are superbly maintained and free from major faults.

Condition 2 – C2

Cars are capable of regular use. They have a current MOT, but will need work and/or original parts to make them Condition 1

Condition 3 – C3

Car usually needs a complete rebuild, but might be driveable.