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Diesel Radiator and Sump

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  • [Wanted] Diesel Radiator and Sump

    Hi all,

    after stripping my Countryman's engine to replace the head gasket, the radiator fell apart trying to remove it, so wondered if anyone has a good secondhand one they want to sell.

    Also, the sump is severely dented and oil is weeping out of a bodged repair around the drain plug so I want to replace this too if anyone has a spare...

    Thanks for reading.

    Matt Handy, Somerset. (Willing to travel to collect or to arrange a courier)
    1985 Austin Montego 1.6HL Estate
    1994 Rover Montego 2.0D Countryman
    2001 Ledbury Maestro 1.3

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    I'd look into getting the sump repaired as they are really rare! Those engines have ben cherished for years now so I doubt you will find many spares.

    The rad I'd buy new, most rads I see people selling 2nd hand are scrap.

    But you might get lucky.


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      You do know that the radiator is the same as for a 2 litre Petrol Maestro/Monty?

      Here's some info / dimensions:

      Some that would have been OK came up on the ebay completed search for maestro rads for less than 40 new. If I needed the car back on the road and a rad for a 1.6L came up cheap I'd be tempted to fit it for the winter, and keep an eye out for a 2L rad.


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        Thanks for your help countrydude and PhilBill, I will go for a new rad to be safe so keeping an eye out now, and the sump I shall remove and see what I can do to make the repairs a little more permanent and oil tight!
        1985 Austin Montego 1.6HL Estate
        1994 Rover Montego 2.0D Countryman
        2001 Ledbury Maestro 1.3


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          I've got a non turbo diesel engine I'm stripping for parts, o can tale a look at it if it's compatible?

          Sure it was leak free?
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