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  • [Wanted] Maestro Turbo Fuel tank

    We're still experiencing fuel problems which prevented #68 arriving in Milton Keynes on Sept 30th. We fix one problem only to discover another, and we are now reaching the conclusion that we need a replacement tank. I guess good second hand tanks are like hen's teeth, so we're looking for a good specialist who can build one for us. Any recommendations gladly received.

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    If you want to prove if you have a fault with the existing tank, is it worth using a good ordinary tank and piping in an external swirl pot temporarily, just to confirm one way or the other?
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      Yep we're checking that out this week Pete. Our suspicions are that the outlet pipe has a pin hole on the inside. When the tank is full then all is well, but when it drops to half full then air is being sucked in. We've opened up the tank twice already, so I guess we'll do it for a third time if necessary.