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WANTED Maestro Sills or Advice

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  • WANTED Maestro Sills or Advice

    I need to replace or repair the (inner) sills on my 1985 MG Maestro.
    I've searched all over but can't find any available.
    Can anyone suggest where I might get something suitable, please?
    I only need the rear pieces, under a metre in length, so maybe it would be simpler to patch up with a piecemeal approach?
    Your advice will be most welcome, thanks.

    1985 MG Maestro 2.0 EFi C27 WFX
    1981 MG B Limited Edition Roadster PNA 535W

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    I've always had to make the inner sills up, was. hoping somebody might have a suggestion for something else that fitted when you asked the question...but looks like everyone's in the same boat.
    I would guess that there must be a similar part on another vehicle, we just need to find it....


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      Looks like I am on my own with this one?!
      Thanks to DD77 for at least showing an interest - but I thought that lots of us Maestro owners must have faced this problem and someone out there would have some positive suggestions or advice. I'll keep monitoring this thread for responses but it looks like I'm destined for a tin-snips and patch repair?
      Back to the workshop ...
      1985 MG Maestro 2.0 EFi C27 WFX
      1981 MG B Limited Edition Roadster PNA 535W


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        Inner sills can easily be fabricated and they're only an angled strip with a couple of drain indentations. You have to be patient on forums as not all frequent them these days and thats the same on all club forums so a flippant remark isn't needed. If you want an instant reply use the Facebook page, better to search through old threads as that will tell you more
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