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4x Lattice & 4x cheesegrater alloys

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  • [Free] 4x Lattice & 4x cheesegrater alloys

    Please PM me if interested, Adrian is giving them away for free so I don't want them to get recycled on to eBay.

    have some wheels which I'd be glad to give to anyone willing to collect them, no charge.

    There's four of the lattice type, which I believe are 15 inch, and four cheese-grater type which I believe are 14 inch; all of the former and two of the latter have old tyres on them. All eight of these wheels are in reasonable condition but they'd all benefit from a little cleaning up / 'restoration'.

    Please do make this offer to your members, it'd be a shame to simply scrap these wheels.

    Again, no charge, just come and take 'em away... In the centre of St.Albans, Hertfordshire.

    Many thanks, Kind regards,

    Adrian Gladwin

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    I've not been contacted on these so if anyone is interested in saving Adrian a journey to the recycling centre here is his contact info
    Now collected - thank you
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