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Wanted - 1985 Maestro 1.6 HLS rear shock absorbers

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  • Wanted - 1985 Maestro 1.6 HLS rear shock absorbers

    Hello - I'm looking to source a pair of rear shock absorbers for my 1985 1.6 Maestro HLS. Apparently they changed later - mine is an earlier fascia style model. I'd be grateful if anyone could help or point me in the right direction. Thanks, Andy

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    As far as I know the difference is the dimension B that this ebay seller has been good enough to put on their listing I don't think that it is age related, but once you know which length your original ones are, you should be able to find them on ebay. If I had to guess, I'd guess that yours would be the longer ones, the parts list says they are GSA431 and are the same for all models apart from MG...happy hunting!


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      Hi - many thanks. Apparently the two sizes for rear shock absorbers are 157mm and 181mm. They are 181mm on the car at the moment but they need replacing. Does anyone know what size should go on there? My gut feeling is just to put 181mm on there as that's what is already on. Maybe there is a reason. Apparently as well there were two sizes at the front as well - 250 or 264. Would that make a difference to the rear - should the bigger fronts go with the bigger rears? Does it matter? I don't know what size the front ones are. Any insight welcome. Thanks, Andy


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        If it isn't an MG the parts list suggests 181mm & since that agrees with what you already have, then I'd go for 181, the front is most likely 264, the MG versions were slightly lower all round. The chart on this post lists the various damper heights in great detail but measuring your originals is the safest way to make sure that you get the correct replacements, the chart does reveal that the estates do not uses 181mm dampers and that not all of the MGs had 157's, not super helpful, other than reinforcing the message that measuring your originals is the safest way!
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          Thanks yes. I decided to fit the 181mm, the size that was on the car already.