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WANTED MG Maestro 1600

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  • WANTED MG Maestro 1600

    Are there any particularly mint of these that someone would be interested in parting with!

    I would like a particular Opaline
    car but don’t think it will ever be for
    sale, or a black one!

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    I know someone that might have one he's willing to part with. I will check with them


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      I may be persuaded to part with my S series 1600, although it is Zircon blue, needs air filter sorting and sump gasket replacing ,but otherwise good. Let me know if interested
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        I’m hopefully after a super early one with the silver grille.

        Not sure if that makes them the R series?

        I’m not entirely sure of the timeline of changes in this period.

        I’m after a really really mint car as I already have 2 Metros that take my time with recommissioning and works. I’d love B177YLG but it’s fallen off the radar somewhat


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          Both R and S series had silver grills,R series roughly March 1983 to May ish 1984, then S series from May till September when Efi came out .I also have an Opaline R series mint,but have no intention of selling it
          Beware of strange Japanese waitress bearing fortune cookies


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            Interesting info- thanks very much. Any real difference between the 2 engines?