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1985 Maestro 1.6 HLS light switch and brake servo

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  • 1985 Maestro 1.6 HLS light switch and brake servo

    Hello. I need a light switch (earlier fascia, so separate square switch not column stalk) and brake servo for my 1985 1.6 Maestro HLS (C plate). Have no lights and a hissing pedal. No luck on ebay or with my usual guys. Can anyone help? Thanks, Andy

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    They are not easy to find, but the switch can be dismantled & cleaned, if you are careful. As far as I remember the base with the contacts in is held in by plastic clips. Ease the clips back one at a time while gently pulling the two parts apart. When the clips are all clear of the sqares that they latch onto, it should come apart. Be very careful to note the position of the spring. The contacts in the base will most likely be contaminated with grease from the spring mixed with 20+ years worth of grime, clean them & the moving contact, regrease the moving parts above the contact plate & clip it back together. Sounds simple if you say it quickly ha ha ha! It is a while since I did one, so can't remember the details, but can remember that the first one I ever did was not as difficult as I expected.


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      As DD says above, the switch can be dismantled and cleaned, just be really careful easing the clips outwards: they become brittle with age and can snap easily.

      The same switch was used on Allegro 3 and early Metro, so if you want to get a spare as a backup you can search for those too.

      If you get in a situation where your switch is completely knackered and you don't have a spare available, the rocker switch from a Mini can be used as a temporary substitute (same connectors and same size hole). Or even one of these:

      Regarding the servo, I believe it is possible to get them refurbished: I did read on another forum that somebody had one done recently by a company in Rochdale (unfortunately he didn't mention the company's name).
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