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Maestro metal bumper front wings needed to repair van rear wheelarches

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  • Maestro metal bumper front wings needed to repair van rear wheelarches

    Hi all,
    I'm about to begin the restoration of my 1989 Maestro 1.3 500 L van.
    It’s going to need welding on sills and wheel arches, so I’m looking out for suitable panels.
    (If anyone has been though the same restoration process I’d appreciate guidance)
    I understand that rear wheel arch repair panels aren’t available, but front wings from a metal bumper Maestro can be adapted.
    Does anyone have any? Or guidance where to buy wings or sill panels?

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    I've got a pair of plastic bumper front wings you can have for free if any use?
    I've put brand new on my resto so there not needed, only gone on the very bottom 3" part they attach to the front cill section.


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      Thanks for the offer - I'll take them. When are you going to be over Dudley way?


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        I am in brum on wednesday morning at the old fire station in the centre. Apart from that, my friend is doing 18 months for tax avoidance, so won't be tripping the Tipton light fantastic any time soon, more like the strangeways samba! LOL.


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          Just got your message. Did you mean today (10 Nov) in Brum or next week 17th?
          If it was today then I've missed you. Drat.
          If it's next week great. I know the old fire station near Aston University and can arrange to meet you there to collect wings. Naturally I'll pay for your fuel expenses.


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            Hi Lee, no it was this wed just gone I'm afraid. But I'm in all weekend if that's a help.