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Twin Weber 40DCNFs on MG1600 Manifold

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  • [For Sale] Twin Weber 40DCNFs on MG1600 Manifold

    Hi There!

    I've been helping a relative clear out their summerhouse (a.k.a the car parts storage area!) as they are soon to be emigrating to Australia, and have come back with a list of mystery parts that I have been told to track down and sell. Included in this is - from what I can gather from part numbers etc - a twin-carb inc. inlet manifold system for an MG1600.

    They look in very good condition and everything seems to move as it should. Though I am unsure as to whether there any any MG1600s left for these to fit...the MG owners club (sorry for swearing) suggests less than 3,000 were built when new.

    More than happy to accept offers on these, or a suggestion of value so they can be sold elsewhere. But thought I would try and go to the owners/enthusiasts first, as it is more likely one of you may still have one of these.

    I'm located just between the M1 and A1 just south of Sheffield.

    And if these aren't what I think they are, please correct me!


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    Hi Rob, I'd be interested in buying these, I'm only in Nottingham so only down the road.
    il drop you a pm.