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Job lot of (mostly) Maestro parts

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  • [For Sale] Job lot of (mostly) Maestro parts

    I need to create space in the garage so the Maestro parts need to go. These were gathered over a number of years when I had an 2.0 EFi and then a 1.3 Maestro. The 2.0 litre specific parts have already gone so what is left is either generic to all cars or 1.3 specific.
    I am happy to receive a reasonable offer from someone who is already a forum member to take the lot and collect them from me from LE17 postcode district. I don't want to split them up (not got the time for that, sorry) and I am not going to be greedy in what I expect to get for them, the main thing is for someone else to keep their cars on the road. I've stated if the parts are used, the rest are NOS or as good as that.

    send me a PM if interested, you'll need a Maestro sized car to come and collect them. List below


    Maestro plastic front bumper unpainted
    Met Zircon Blue MG front grille, scratch across MG logo (used)
    EAM8161 base model bumper quarter
    3x Maestro headlamps (used)
    2x Maestro RH rear lamps (used)
    1x Maestro LH rear lamp (used)
    EEP9 radio arial
    Metal door handles (used)
    BEP526 door hinge x2
    Square MG wheel centre
    BHE000106EVA Tailgate strut (x2)
    PAM4988 parcel shelf lift string
    CWC10156 Maestro tailgate lock with 2 keys
    GAW131 square alloy wheel centre cap unbranded
    NAM6169 MG branded cheesegrater centre cap
    DPR10044 MG Reg bumper trim strips x2
    Bonnet catch (used)
    Maestro indicators LH x2, RH x1 – (used)
    AFU3639 locking fuel cap and keys
    Early type wiper arms
    JRC5327 Meastro tailgate badge
    Maestro tailgate badge (small) from very early cars

    Steering, Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    GSJ290 ball joint
    Rear brake drum covers
    Master cylinder Lucas PMF240 (also GMC244)
    Wheel bearing kits x2
    Long driveshaft (used)
    4x wishbones (very used, from scrap cars)
    NAM7917 steering column
    Track rod ends x2
    GHK1261 Hub bearing kit
    TYA998 track rod ends x2 QH
    CV joints (used)
    TDL4621R CV joint
    Brake calliper (used)
    Balco wheel cylinders
    Brake shoe fitting kits
    GSA7236 unipart shock absorber
    NAM1479 Rubber bush x4
    NAM5945 rubber pivot bush
    NAM1180 3x strut mounting rubber
    FAM9822 rubber bush x4
    NAM3957 Metal strut tops x2
    FAM9457 rubber bush
    NAM3958 rubber bush

    Engine, Gearbox & Cooling system
    1.3 coil (used)
    Heater matrix with pipes (used)
    Electric radiator fan (used)
    GLR6000 5x oil seal
    Clutch cable
    Stepper motor (used)
    GWP153 Water pump 2.0 litre?
    CXE4533 starter motor
    TAM1151 Thermostat housing & gasket
    FTK003 Thermostat and gasket
    FZX1428 Carburettor (used)
    1.3 radiator (x2)
    1.3 clutch
    LUF10002 oil seal
    1.3 top hose (used)

    Rear wiper motor
    DRC8964 wiper control unit
    6x Bosch 30a relays
    DRC8464 flasher relay Lucas
    4DM003360 Hella relay (lighting?)
    DRC9035 wiper delay relay
    DRC6520 relay x2
    DRC8852 flasher relay
    DCP8988 Heated rear window timer
    BAU2309 wiper switch from early car
    DRC8964 wiper control unit
    Stalk control from early car (used)

    Other, unidentified or misc
    BAU2873 lever, wiper spindle
    DKD10016 wiper spindles and link rods
    Selection of early 4 & 5 speed gear knobs (used)
    JRC plastic seat catch?
    Brown seatbelts from early car (used)
    QNM1001 plastic spacers
    JRC3763 plastic part
    Pedal rubber (used)
    GSI999 Unipart basic immobiliser

    probably some other bits too.

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    Grogee - answer yes. I am struggling to find a reply button in the PM portal so if you send another PM with an e-mail I'll contact you that way.

    many thanks - Nick


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      Original buyer had change of mind, no problem with that, these things happen. However I need to move these parts on.
      I can deliver them to the Maestro 40 event at Gaydon on Jul 9th if that suits or they can be collected from me in the LE17 postcode area as long as it is no later than weekend of 15th/16th July. If you look at the list you'll see that most parts are NOS, those that aren't are in good useable condition unless sepcifically mentioned. If you own a 1.3 Maestro then you'll get the best use out of this package of parts.

      Looking for offers between 100 - 250. I don't really mind as long as they can go to a good home.



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        Hi Nick,

        Are the parts still available? I am struggling to keep my 2 1.3 Maestros on the road due to the difficulty of spares availability




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          Hello Charles. I did offer them to someone else on the forum, recently sent a note to see if he still wants them but if he doesn't or I don't hear back within the next week or so then they're all yours.



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            Now all gone, collected by a forum member this morning. I've still got some factory manuals and training guides which I'll bring along to the AGM to give away and if I can find it an unused road wheel from a 1985 Maestro.