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Wanted Montego Estate rear bumper

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  • [Wanted] Wanted Montego Estate rear bumper

    Wanted Montego Estate rear bumper. Please PM.

    Can pay via PayPal + P&P to London, SW19 1EH


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    Hi This is Africar
    I have only just found your reply to my comments
    Are you still looking for the "Montego" tow bar? I have no idea if it will fit a Maestro.

    I am going to Coulsdon on the 16th of August, you could pick it from there if that is any good?

    all the best


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      I'm still looking for rear bumper


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        Can't help you with your back bumper pity as scrapped a car and left one I would like advice from anyone on how to start a new post on and or any advice on how to get a backbox exhaust for my TD Estate car there are several petrol estate exhausts on ebay but no diesel mine recently snapped I've bodge welded it but its perilously thin and doesn't encourage use car is my daily drive I've heard of companies making custom exhaust is it this or fit smaller bore petrol is this an option


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          Originally posted by kromidge View Post
          I would like advice from anyone on how to start a new post
          Go in to whichever part of the forum you think your post would be most relevant to. I think in your particular case it would be worth doing two separate posts: one to ask for an exhaust in the 'For Sale and Wanted' and another to ask about the petrol vs diesel size in the 'Montego Technical Help'.

          Towards the top left of the screen you will see a green 'New Topic' button. Click on that and you will then be able to create your new post.
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