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Attending shows in 2017 in the north of England

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  • Attending shows in 2017 in the north of England

    Dear All

    Now that the show season is pretty much done for the year, I'd be interested in any suggestions for 'northern' shows in 2017 that you'd like to see us attend as a club.
    I think we'll be attending the Burley in Wharfedale show again, but we (as a club) didn't get to anything else this Summer as things were a bit last minute (and as you know Hoghton Tower show got cancelled). I'm hoping with 6+ months to think and prepare, we can expand that for 2017.



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    hi andy
    how about the east coast run from hull to bridlington.
    this year i was on my own with a maestro. and no montegos


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      Frank, sounds good, can you send me details of this?
      Thanks, Andrew


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        as soon as i find dates i'll let you know


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          Frank, your Q about re-clocking an odometer is in a forum section (FAQ) that doesn't allow replies (daft or what?). If you can re-post it under Technical Help I'll reply.


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              Hi Andy, I will reply to your Pm here regarding future shows to attend around the North East in 2017 so everyone can see. Personally I find it hard to commit to a weekend show in advance as I sometimes don't no whether I can make it till the night before. So to make sure I can just go if I want I am a member of the following club:


              I think from memory its about fifteen quid a year and for that you get a packed events calendar in which you get a season ticket so no per-registering for each individual show just turn up with your card in the window. Next's years events don't seem to be on yet but there are normally 2-3 a month. You also receive a monthly magazine and they are almost always located at castles and stately homes etc which you normally receive money off/free entry to. The end of season event is at which you also get free entry to (car+ 2 passengers) which is a great day out, just made it this year, photos below if you can see past me mother lol. If enough local members join we could different maestros and montegos at different shows depending on peoples availability?

              I also buy a season ticket from which are always huge shows. The two main highlights from these are Ripon and Raby castle. Some of next years dates are on there. As a starting block though I would suggest Ripon. Its looking like its going to be 1st May, its huge and it seems to be centrally located to members you have been in contact with from what I can see.

              Cheers Andy
              MG Maestro Turbo #500
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                Cheers Andy, that's really useful. I will suggest a few of these to Tanya to be included in our 'northern season' for 2017

                Andrew :-)