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Covid-19 and its impact on the events calandar

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  • Covid-19 and its impact on the events calandar

    Following recent announcements from the Government, it looks, at the moment, that the Classic Car show calendar across the country, will be severly impacted for the foreseeable future, if indeed it gets going at all.
    So far the only confirmed postponement/cancellation/suspensions that have been noted are The Practical Classics and Restoration show at the NEC on 27-29 March and Pride of Longbridge, 18 April.
    I will be monitoring the event web sites over the coming days and weeks to update the information as and when it is reported. Rather than adding to this thread, I will update the event entry on the calendar, so that it will be easily visible, rather than you trawling through a number of posts on a thread to see what is happening with a particular event.
    In the meantime, on behalf of the club, we wish you a safe and healthy time and look forward to seeing you on the show circuit when it restarts.
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    For me personally I don't really care, the impact on my business is a much greater concern for me
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