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    Originally posted by ozzienpg View Post
    did the guy you sold it to say he was going use it? or was it for spares?
    That would be a shame: it was in far better condition than the rusted-out heap I bought in July 07 and only had 29k on the clock. Funny how rare cars somehow end up with totally the wrong people (not always, but I have noticed it). If I'd not already spent an arm and a leg restoring the white and brown shed I bought, it would have been coming up here.
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      Nice one ,oli,i do like that mate!

      Looks nice nick for 20 year old..

      Look forward to seeing you at the shows!!
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        I quite like Maestro Mayfairs too, as it happens!
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          Mayfairs have a great spec, even if the name is a bit cheesy............I can't imagine many sales reps chose one when they were new!

          The earlier ones were even better...............until AR realised that the only reason left to buy a VP fact, was there any reason to spend extra on a VP? I seem to remember the first Mayfairs had wood, electrics and allsorts!

          Let's not be too hard on Minis, though. Admittedly from a 21st century perspective they are not particularly practical daily drivers, but several generations grew up driving Minis when they were far superior to many other cars on the road: equivalent Fords had sidevalve engines, three-speed gearboxes and vacuum-operated windscreen wipers that slowed down the faster you drove!

          Things have moved on of course, and probably in 10 years time people will be berating Maestros for not having anti-lock brakes, airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and all that stuff.
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            Nice car Oli.
            Happy Motoring.


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              Glad you love your Maestro - it looks good and I love thta colour!

              Ok, you had an expensive experience with the mini, but nothing is ever wasted! It's all part of life's rich pattern!


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                Looks great Oli, and I notice its got a VW area code reg plate too (Chelmsford, Essex), same as my car!
                1985 Austin Montego 2.0HLS x 2