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Meet Your Committee! - Ed Howlett-Davey (Social Media Secretary)

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  • Meet Your Committee! - Ed Howlett-Davey (Social Media Secretary)

    Hi everyone!

    Here is the second post in a series of posts for you to get to know your M&MOC committee members. Our committee works hard in the background to raise the profile of these marvellous cars, and ensure their longterm survival. Grab a cup of tea, have a read, have a laugh, but please go easy on us!

    Last week we met Pete Cooper, our Membership Secretary. This week we meet our Social Media Secretary, Ed Howlett-Davey!

    Ed Howlett-Davey Ė Social Media Secretary

    When did you join the M&MOC Committee? November 2016

    Tell us about your first Maestro/Montego (or other)

    I bought my first Montego at the age of 18 on 13th October 1996 for the (at the time) huge sum of £50. It was a 1987 Azure Blue two-tone 1.6L. It was mouldy, rusty and had a major engine rattle. If it was for sale today, Iíd run a mile, but I spent a lot of money on getting it reasonably sound. It was a great first Montego. I learnt a lot through owning it, but in the years since, Iíve owned a lot better examples!

    Tell us about your current Maestro/Montego (or others)

    At the moment, I own two Montegos, both 1985 2 litre HLS models, the only two known to the club currently, and two of four showing on ĎHow Many Leftí, all are SORNed. Iíve always liked the HLS model, mainly due to its rarity, but also because of what a good all round and well equipped model it is (like an MG on weed, as one longstanding enthusiast once described the Austin O-Series). I am hoping to restore both cars, and learn some new skills in the process. I also own a Rover 75 Contemporary SE Tourer, and an MG ZT 190 SE. These also prove challenging to keep in good order!

    What do you do for a living?

    I am a Management Accountant for a large global shipping company, so I look at profitability, budgets and produce financial and non-financial information to managers to enable them to make forward thinking decisions about the business. I am currently studying towards my CIMA qualification (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) which is challenging to say the least.

    Tell us something interesting or entertaining about yourself

    I am terrified of balloons & panes of glass. I kid you not.

    Your funniest experience with your Maestro/Montego (or other)

    Many years ago, when I had my gorgeous black 1988 pre-facelift MG Montego 2.0i, I was travelling to a car show along the A14 with a friend in the passenger seat. It started to rain really hard, so my windscreen wipers were going quite fast as we were travelling at about 70mph. Suddenly, a huge harvest spider jumped onto my leg from behind the fascia. I let out a massive shriek and momentarily forgot I was in control of a fast moving vehicle in the wet, to which my passenger also let out a massive shriek, even though he wasnít sure what was going on. Literally a split second later, the drivers side windscreen wiper detached and flew over the top of the car while the rain continued to pour down, to which we both then shrieked again! Itís a miracle I managed to keep control of the car, and we did manage to pull over safely, to extract the spider, and wait for the rain to stop. Goodness knows what people following us that day must have thought! There was also the time my sunroof decided to leave me on the motorway, but thatís another story.

    What do you hope to see in the future of the M&MOC?

    I think the M&MOC has reached a very exciting period in the timeline of these amazing cars. The committee is fresh, with lots of enthusiasm and new ideas. After a few years of stagnation in the club, membership is on the rise again, and awareness and interest in the Maestro & Montego is at its highest ever. We are seeing a lot of new, young members who are interested in the cars for the first time, and with the rise of social media, the club has successfully reinvented itself to become one of the first to truly embrace this new way of communication and promotion. We are also now attending more shows than we have for many years, and a lot more are planned for future. We are a friendly, welcoming and all-inclusive club, and we want the club to continue to grow and build on all the hard work that has been put into it over the last couple of years. However, the club is only as good as its members, therefore we need your help, support and feedback in order for the club to continue to grow. Iíd like to see more people adopting a Maestro and Montego, what are you waiting for? You know it makes sense!
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    1985 Austin Montego 2.0HLS x 2