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  • In the classic motoring press

    It's a good period for coverage of our cars in the classic motoring press at the moment.
    The latest copy of Modern Classics has a feature comparing different Turbo cars, in this case Phil Pope's Maestro Turbo vs. a Ford (ahem!) Escort Turbo. They prefer the Ford ultimately, but are complimentary about the Maestro.
    Also they have a small feature reporting back on our Big Boost event from September.
    Then this week;s copy of Classic Car Buyer has a feature about 60 years of British motorways, which includes a road trip to the Lake District and down into Lancashire for three 80s hot hatches - a Mk.2 Astra GTE, a Mk.1 GTi Golf, and an MG Maestro.

    Cheers, Andrew

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    I actually thought it sounded like they preferred the mg. Few glaring errors I can remember from reading it. They described the car as a meastro that was fuel injected and had the wrong performance figures but it was a good read. Phils car was looking great. Go to press quick, only seems like a few weeks I got an email from the club asking for a turbo for the shoot.
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