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M&MOC Members! Your Monstro Needs You - Special Issue!

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  • M&MOC Members! Your Monstro Needs You - Special Issue!

    Good morning and welcome to what I'm sure for many of you will feel like a very odd Monday.

    During these strangle and somewhat frightening times, we at the Maestro & Montego Owners Club thought what could we do as a club to help our members, which in all honesty in the grand scheme of things isn’t a lot. However, what we can do is with the support of our members is to create a special issue of Monstro which will both give something for our members to do now while there are no cars shows, and once it’s produced, hopefully mid May, something for our members to read – a sort of win, win.

    So members, please start writing something Maestro/Montego flavoured (or both), and we like photos, lots of high res photos. You can write about anything you want, the Maestro/Montego you have at the moment, ones you have owned previously, trips you have been on, technical 'how to', anything - we just need stories and articles about our wonderful cars.

    Please send all submissions to by Monday 20th April and which with a bit of lucky will be turned into a Monstro and with sometime in the middle of May. If you're not a club member, then why not sign up, contribute to Monstro and you'll be included in the next issue. You can join the club here -

    Members, we have a question for you! Please can you let us know (either via this thread, Facebook or via if you would prefer a PDF version via email or a printed copy in the post. Either way there will be a cost for the design and layout, but it goes without saying that there will be a significant cost to the club on top for printing and postage. The club has the funds so the question is as members would you like to see club funds spent on printing and postage this special issue of Monstro or would you rather the funds were spent in another way? We currently have around 30 members who are not on the internet so we will see if it is possible to get copies printed and posted to them regardless of whether or not as a club we decide to go with the PDF version.

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    PDF version is OK with me Tanya
    1958 Ford Consul Convertible. Away for the winter
    1965 Ford Zodiac Executive. Undercover for the winter
    1984 MG Montego EFi in black. Digital dash, nearly finished
    2004 MGZT cdti. Great workhorse
    2004 MGZT V8. Away for the winter
    2004 MGZT V8, project for the winter


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      PDF works for me too...


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        Tanya, just submitted a article hope it's ok .
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