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    Latest news from Reading:

    There is about 1 cm lateral movement from osf susp leg. Have there been previous issues? (possible wheel bearing is on jobs list but that is fine).
    We have resolved the 'lazy starting' issue.
    Oil leak is from rear crank seal so would be fairly major job.
    There is significant play in nsf lower wishbone bush. Probably ok for one more event.
    Problem with front tyres is perished inner tubes. please advise if u want us to order new tubes or put up with pressure loss.
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      At Autoskills the car had the following done:

      Water Pump
      1 Lower Ball Joint
      2 Track Rod Ends
      OAT Antifreeze
      Water Pump bolts and sealant
      Oil Filter
      Fabricate new exhaust mount + fuel breather
      Engine Oil

      This car was then collected from Reading by Myerscough College on 3 Aug and was trailered up there (along with a load of parts from Aylesbury) to become a project for the duration of the upcoming academic year.
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        Here's the latest update from Danny at the college.

        "The car is now being worked on by the college students for 10hrs/week x 7 students = 70 man hrs/week for the following:
        Project module
        Prep & Inspect module

        The Bonnet, rear axle, and all 4 doors are off at present.

        The more they looked over the car the more surprising finds they made. It has had lots of small but well thought out mods that were clearly not done by a privateer. With the stuff that's on it, the tutor Danny says that it's got to be one of the original Maestros built for the Austin Rover Rally Sprint.

        On the front wheels there have been some properly machined/milled fitted spacers to widen the track.

        The rear axle has all been strengthened, negative camber increased and track widened.

        The engine that's in it is absolutely knackered -it wants a full rebuild.
        The race engine is on a stand ready to have a top and tail rebuild.

        The shell is quite good with no real rot (although a few places have a bit of rust). Under the wheel arches it's a bit muddy but no rust -well painted with stone-chip in the past. The sills have had bitumen-type underseal in the past so this will be wire brushed back to bare metal.
        The worst part is the scuttle panel [spot welded along the bottom of the windscreen] -if you poked it, it will go straight through!

        The shell deserves being painted properly and Danny can pull in a favour with his mate Dennis to prep it and then to get it resprayed at trade price, if I can cover the cost of 4-5l of paint [maybe 100]
        The car's underneath would be fine with 3-4 coats of white brush on Hammerite.

        From Aylesbury lock up Danny needs the Poly bushes and also the Gravel spec springs on the rear of the sister car if poss.

        It took a little while to get the students enthused, but when shown videos [of the Rally Sprint, info on the Tony Pond Manx triumph etc. and all the mods they got into it. It's definitely a car worth saving."


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          More info on the car in this thread:

          Myerscough MG Maestro Project Car


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            Hi everyone, here are some more pics of what the students have been up to.

            I am one of the Tutors assisting the team with the build and I have made some interesting observations on this car that I don't think you would see on anything other than a proper built car with some interesting mods from back in the day.

            At times it may be myself or my students that post on here so please bare with us.

            I myself have set this project up with John and i'm really looking forward to seeing the car through its various stages.

            This is part of a project module that the lads and lasses do here while they study at Myerscough during their Level 3 Motorsport course, inc a detailed portfolio of the build week by week.
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              Looking forward to following the progress on this one, good luck!

              Ian Drew
              MG Maestro Turbo '400'
              MG ZT V8
              Rover 75 V6 Estate


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                More progress on stripping and recording parts.
                The tired old engine is out, the wings have been removed and the interior is out.
                Dash and front of cage along with the loom is now out.

                The shell will be going on a Roll Over spit this week to allow the students to clean and prepare the underside for repairs and paint.

                Some very small areas of rot to sort out on the O/S sill top and a small amount on the floor.
                Here are some more pics of progress.
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                  Any close up pics of the cracks?


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                    Here are some close ups of the cracks.
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                      Thanks for the pics, its interesting to see. Seems its had a hard life. The only stress damage I found on mine was on rear turrets where the struts mount. They had pushed up slightly. So I have reinforced mine there when rebuilding.


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                        Great to see what the college engineers are doing with this car -they don't mess about do they!

                        I'm surprised to hear about the stress cracking (excellent photos and annotations BTW).

                        After the Austin Rover rally sprint at Donington Park the cars went to

                        and then were sold to Goodwood's 'Mithril' for corporate rally days

                        I think the hammering from their life at the latter venue is what will have generated the stress cracking.

                        However, these are all problems likely to be encountered by the students if they work on historic motorsport vehicles in the future, so I hope it will be useful experience for them


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                          The college are struggling to source a replacement Scuttle panel (that fits at the base of the windscreen).
                          Does anyone have one (or a shell that's being broken for parts and can get it off)?


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                            scuttle panel

                            i have a scuttle panel 35 + postage, 07810898622


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                              Hello, sorry for the lack of post on here recently, we have been very busy with our course work. Here are some recent images of how we have progressed with the Maestro over the past few months.
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                                Wow -that's incredible! It looks like it would have done going through the factory at Cowley Oxford in '83
                                Great work, guys