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BLOG: race/rally MG Maestro 1600 - "Pink Panther"

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  • BLOG: race/rally MG Maestro 1600 - "Pink Panther"

    In an exciting new link up with Project Mobility, we have acquired the following car:
    An '84 MG Maestro 1600 Group A Historic race/rally car in Tarmac spec
    It also came with all the gear to convert it for Forest events as well i.e. suspension, underbody guards etc.

    More info soon...

    ++++++++++++++++Project Mobility (as seen on Top Gear)+++++++++++++

    The Project, recently reformed (and expanded) under new management (military personnel from Bulford area) is an excellent initiative. It is open to both disabled and able-bodied people (military, ex-serving and civilian).

    The project is setting up a workshop near Andover, HANTS for those being medically discharged from the forces to do mechanical apprenticeships (and earn money doing work for motorists, as a normal garage would). From the profits, they will fund their own motorsport program, thereby also developing motorsport engineering skills, teamwork, esprit de corps, self discipline, determination etc. (i.e. all the reasons that the Forces supports any service person doing their sport!). This is a hugely important and positive thing for those who have suffered injuries (e.g. Afghanistan veterans) and gives them a positive purpose after the big 'life change' that results when one comes out of the Forces -especially when not through choice (i.e. losing your 'military family', professional fulfilment, and even status/self esteem in some cases).

    Do consider if you can get involved (or just assist in some way).
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    The lads had to take a lorry on a second run up the country to get the rest of the spares, there were so many! There are now over 40 wheels and other parts with the car.

    I've also ordered some Pink Panther decals for it...


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      Originally posted by John C View Post
      The lads had to take a lorry on a second run up the country to get the rest of the spares, there were so many! There are now over 40 wheels and other parts with the car.

      I've also ordered some Pink Panther decals for it...

      You buy this off Nick in North Wales by any chance?



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        Yes, it was Nick Fuller's (based in Ellesmere Port). Do you know much about the car?


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          Originally posted by John C View Post
          Yes, it was Nick Fuller's (based in Ellesmere Port). Do you know much about the car?
          No dont know much about the car, I bought a roll cage from him a little while ago. Nick seems a genuine bloke and I would think any info you wanted he would give you.



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            This is an early R-series MG Maestro, that was built and used extensively by the previous owner as a forest rally car. I boughT the car in the late 90s and have only used it at most 1/2 a dozen times, but enjoyed it thoroughly. It is currently set up in Tarmac spec, but have the full set-up to convert back to forest spec.

            It is MSA logbooked, but will need new seats / harness's to become compliant

            I will provide some further pictures etc later but current spec is as follows

            1) Fully lightened bodyshell (lightened doors, perspex windows, internally stripped

            2) Full 6 point rollcage

            3) lightweight bucket seats, with 4 point harness's

            4) All brake / fuel lines run inside car

            5) Upgraded brakes, grooved discs with EBC red pads, adjustable brake bias

            6) Fully balanced R-series engine, twin webers, K&Ns, large exhaust manifold / system, passes all noise regs. really pulls like a train in a light car

            7) LSD 5 speed gearbox (same as early golf) Make of LSD unknown.

            8) Battery relocated to behind seats. Petrol tank cut in half - 4 gallon capacity.

            9) set of 6 powdercoated wheels in white with trackday tyres.

            10) Suspension fully powdercoated and polybushed. Fitted with ex Maestro Challenge LEDA 21 point adjustable's all round

            11) Power assisted steering rack fitted, without power assistance. Still light to drive, but sharpens up the handling.

            The car is tremendous fun to drive, and will keep up with many larger engined cars. Sounds great when you put your foot down. revs to 6500RPM.

            The other great thing is the simplicity. I've removed anything that doesnt need to be there, and if you look in the engine bay, then there's loads of space, and NO ECU, its got a distributor with Weber carbs, so very reliable and simple to manage.

            As mentioned above, its got a huge spares package including a spare Moto-Build Racing engine, complete with Weber carbs (carbs go for 250 on their own)
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              Hamish spotted this vid:

              The soundtrack doesn't do full justice to what the car sounds like; "pretty awesome" is the answer. It is very rorty -sounds just like a MkII Escort rally car, with the Weber induction roar.


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                I saw this maestro on ebay at the time and regretted not buying it ever since. Good luck with it all


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                  Thanks mate. I just wish I could track down Nick Fuller and find out some history of the car etc.

                  If anyone else knows anything of its past I'd be fascinated to hear about it...


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                    N.B. this car is not to be confused with the other pink rally MG Maestro that's currently competing in N. England (owned by Martin Cockerill -powered by a Rover 2.0 Turbo engine)


                    There are many pink racing cars, but only 1 'Pink Panther' rally car...
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                      I bought Martins old rally car. The 1600 you have seen in my thread

                      Who would have thought there would be two pink maestro rally cars eh?


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                        Is your MG 1600 the blue one that's been fully restored? Post a link to your blog/photos...


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                          Everything went down the drain with triple-m. All the pictures were on there. It is the blue one.

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                            Oh no! What happened to the Triple M forum? I can't believe all that info on the cars has disappeared for ever?


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                              It got really quiet, then all of a sudden its gone. I dont know if its coming back