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BLOG: race/rally MG Maestro 1600 - "Pink Panther"

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    Is this car the last surviving MG Maestro 1600 historic rally car in the world?

    I ask because there are 2-3 other 1600 motorsport cars out there that I know about but these are from a racing background in period (rather than rallying). [Class 4]
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      Mine is probably the only other genuine mg 1600 rally car to compete in the last 5 years. Far from an mg1600 now obviously


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        The car is eligible for the following:
        mixed Forest & Tarmac championship

        The MSA British Historic Rally Championship is organised by the
        Historic Rally Car Register
        Just Tarmac events
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          Dear Sir,

          I'm interested to know:
          a) if this car is eligible to join the HRCR
          b) what events would it be eligible to enter

          Any guidance would be appreciated!

          You're just in!

          If you look at under Get Started, then Vehicle Eligibility you see your car is classed under Category 4 '82 -'85. This is classed as a modern, so you'll be able to complete on many HRCR events and compete for Class Awards, but not overall awards.

          We sometimes compete on non HRCR events with a later '93 car and fighting for Class Awards is no mean achievement.

          Look at the site for more info, then look at regulations for events you like the sound of. The download the regulations and check Cat 4 exists for that event.

          Kind Regards

          Mike Spindle
          HRCR Bucks/Oxon


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            Danny is considering doing this event in the car later in the year:


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              Under the 2017 MSA rules, the car is now eligible for the following:
              Cat 4 "HISTORIC ROAD RALLY" 82 - 85

              Cat 4a "STAGE RALLY" 82 - 85


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                Now liaising with Paul Loveridge & HRCT to confirm exactly what car eligible/ineligible for


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                  The car has now left Myerscough College...


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                    and gone to BEESPEED in Caernarfon
                    for upgrading and then hiring out as a Historic rally car...


                    • The car leaving the college on BEESPEED's trailer...


                      • the manuals given to Nick for Sean...


                        • Here's one person's list of what the car might need -but it's only an opinion and needs to be verified (some of it is definitely unnecessary):

                          Larger Petrol Tank
                          Plastic side and rear windows
                          Exhaust manifold as its cracked
                          Bumpers front and back before its painted
                          Battery box to move from where it is to accomodate a larger petrol tank
                          Gear linkages need new rosejoints
                          Alloy sheet for tankguard
                          Sumpguard needs modifying as it's too low
                          battery box & battery


                          • Beespeed did nothing at all on the car and let me down on the arrangement, so I've had to take it back -very disappointing.

                            It's now at Autoskills. Here's their initial update:

                            The spares in the back- 3 rims with tyres, all look good but will double check and get back to you.
                            - 2 rims without tyres, rims look in good order.
                            - Under-tray- do you know if it has bolts/nuts/screws with them?
                            - Gear Box- do you know where it has come from? what should we do with it ETC.
                            The maestro came with one flat tyre- NSF.
                            The car has signs where it has been left for a while - Paint Faded, moss around the car will send you another email with more details.
                            The car came with a flat battery like literally flat ( no lights were on when ignition is on, the battery will be charged)
                            No fuel in the car.


                            • The car's now passed its MOT after a minor brake imbalance issue was sorted out.

                              Considering plastic windows for it from:
                     280+VAT (inc a slider in both the front windows, and black border on rear screen) 4mm Lexan (scratch resistant stuff is 1.7 times more expensive but will last at least twice as long before getting too scratched) -will last about 4 years before they get too scratched (longer if its not used for gravel rallying


                              • Good to hear its now passed its MOT. Did you phone templar performance to get that price? I dont see it on their site. I was going to buy a few sheets and make my own but its seems cheaper to buy a kit, especially if sliders are included