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    I am trying to trace my old Maestro race car. It was last known to be sold by John Perkins from the west midlands area. Its a white car with a standard cage but with lots of additions to the cage to make it a multi point welded in type. Other than that, I am not sure of its condition or even if it is still around. I would like to know if its still out there and would be interested to talk to the owner to see if it may be for sale. It was raced by John once or twice but before that, it was raced by Stratton McKay in the MGOC from around 2006 to 2010. Its a 2ltr efi and has leda adjustable suspension. It also had a black cloth bespoke dashboard.
    If anyone knows where it might be or has any info about it, please could you get in touch. Also, could I ask anyone to forward this message to any other sites that might help track the car down.
    Thanks, Simon. 07984915044

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    Do you know the Reg number of it? If so, DVLA could track it

    Alternatively, try posting on here:

    BMC Marques Motorsport Group

    Austin Rover MG Maestro Challenge 1986 - 1990