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    Old Maestro Clips

    The Ledbury Maestro was reviewed by Vicky Butler Henderson on Top Gear, while Chris Goffey did a similar review on Motor Week which was aired on the Granada Men and Motors channel - I have got the actual date it was first aired somewhere, although I do recall the car was finished in Midnight Blue. Chris Goffey also did the original review of the MG Maestro Turbo when he was a presenter on Top Gear, with the episode being aired in May 1989.


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      That IS an elusive episode and one which I am dying to see. Chris Goffey is a legend, just doesn't raise the laughs only Clarkson and co. ever could.

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        Yes that is the one I remember. I think it was an R reg, but I've never seen it again, so I can't be sure. Would be great to finally see it again if it was found somewhere.
        Steve Worsley

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          Top Gear Clips

          R519 RVJ was the reg number of the Midnight Blue example that Chris Goffey drove on Motor Week. He reminisced about driving the Maestro at its original press launch back in 1983 in Spain and managing to turn his press car on its roof. Despite broken glass everwhere, the car having suffered extensive damage and Mr Goffey still being held upside down in his seat by his seat-belt, the voice synthesisor advised him of "low oil pressure". He also said how underrated the Maestro was.

          I actually met him on Press Day at the 1999 London Motor Show and asked him about the road-test of the MG Maestro Turbo on Top Gear. He recalled it was filmed in Wales on some lovely driving roads (probably the same ones that the current Top Gear team use) alongside the Vauxhall Astra GTE 16-valve. Several years ago I contacted Mr Goffey and he signed a photograph I had recently taken of the white MG Maestro Turbo press car that he had originally driven in the programme, which I then gave to the current owner of the car. A very obliging man and he didn't have a bad word to say about the Maestro. Perhaps he's a closet fan of them!


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            the monty details

            The enquiry is complete

            The vehicle details for F626 EKU are:

            Date of Liability 01 08 2001
            Date of First Registration 22 06 1989
            Year of Manufacture 1989
            Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1994CC
            CO2 Emissions Not Available
            Fuel Type Petrol
            Export Marker Not Applicable
            Vehicle Status Unlicensed
            Vehicle Colour GREY
            Vehicle Type Approval

            Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle
            6 Months Rate 104.50
            12 Months Rate 190.00


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              I now own the elusive R519RVJ recently contacted cris Goffey and he remembers doing the shoot