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    both myself and my wife are on EE, we moved to them when 4G came out because they were the first and it was very helpful with downloading business emails etc quickly.
    Who does everyone use? Are they any good? I am tempted by three because of the cost but I guess they are still the cheapest because they donít have as much coverage? Anyone with any recommendations for a good 4G network?

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    I use o2 and it seems ok, but I guess it depends where you are going to be using it, o2 reception here is not startlingly good, but works over a wide area, I have heard that in some places three is much better, but then there are places where it doesn't work at all. Probably best to find users of other networks in your area and interrogate them, I don't think that there is a clear winner nationwide..


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      I have been with vodaphone for years with the wifes package as well very rare I can't get a signal, Berkshire, somerset, and cornwall quite regularly, the occasional dead spot here and there but overall very good.. but as said earlier check local peeps for what they use... regards ricky
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        I've been with 3 a few years, like you, mainly for the price. Their coverage misn't the best in the world, but good enough for me. I do live in the south east though where one would expect coverage to be better. Check their coverage here:

        Three allow you to use your allowance in quite a few countries around the world, like the US. This was great before the EU law change but now all providers must allow you to use your allowance in Europe, this may change after Brexit of course!

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          Stating the obvious, I would go with the best coverage at your home! Ask friends what the siginal is like inside your house. There are also offical maps that show 2,3 and 4G coverage to quite high detail. I was with 3 four years ago and was not impressed with the coverage.


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            Nowadays, I am also using O2.....