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Transport Minister Trudi Harrison "owning a car is so last century" Govt seeks to ban

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  • Transport Minister Trudi Harrison "owning a car is so last century" Govt seeks to ban

    Government transport minister and close ally of the PM, Trudi Harrison at a conference last week said "owning a car is so last century" then went on to explain that our attitude to owning personal transport needs to change. Electric vehicles are not the answer to our problems, giving up ownership of personal transport and relying on public services is the future! You will own nothing and be happy!

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    Maybe the next brainwashed lazy generation, but not this one! They would have to prize our car keys out of our dead cold hands!


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      I always thought that Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, quite surprising that so many peopleseem to regard it as blueprint!


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        Having been born in the last century, I am quite happy to keep some of the old traditions going a while longer!

        And as for public transport.......
        (no offence intended to anybody, of course!)
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          As my 70 year old dad said the other day... "All this stuff in the news, but Bentley Blowers arent dropping in price are they? ." Wise words...


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            London centric views assuming it is the same across the whole of the UK. Frequent and regular public transport would be needed in advance of any change of this magnitude, but does not exist anywhere except within our major cities. How do they propose they cater for people who have disabilities, who require adapted cars to be mobile, those who need to tow a trailer of some sort, or those who need to carry loads on a frequent basis. Families with children may need something akin to a people carrier, not a 2-seater town car. Not every vehicle can cater for all these eventualities. So great for a sound bite, but as soon as you start digging you realise that it is nothing more than that.
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              Got it right there Pete - until they invent a personal Star Trek transporter, outside of London there is no viable public transport to get to and from work, especially if you work shifts or to do day to day stuff in any reasonable time. Also the government are well aware of the Billions classic car and retro rotboxes add to the economy with jobs etc... Wales have even suspended new road projects without a viable public transport plan - TFwales are struggling to even get enough trains online...
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