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  • Please Read Before Posting

    The "Off Topic" forum is, as the name suggests, open for the discussion of any subject you choose (within reason, of course!) and the rules, if there are any, as to what is and isn't acceptable are pretty relaxed. However, as in "real life" you are expected to observe a certain standard of courtesy and socially acceptable behaviour (also known as netiquette). To make it a fun and enjoyable place for everyone all we ask is that you read carefully the following guidelines before posting:

    Common courtesy

    Be polite. Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself and never under any circumstances launch personal attacks. Just because the person you're communicating with is not in front of you, it doesn't mean that you're not communicating with a human being. Besides, if you do cause upset or offence whilst visiting our 'club', we may ask you to leave!

    General netiquette

    Avoid using too many abbreviations, and in particular avoid "txt msg" speak - save it for mobile telephones and chat rooms. Not everyone will understand what you're talking about. Never post in CAPITALS as it's generally considered rude, is difficult to read and means you're shouting. Foul language is definately out; it may be considered acceptable in some circles but this family forum isn't one of them.

    Think about what you're saying

    Is that comment you're about to post likely to offend or could it be taken the wrong way? Stop and read it again, carefully, before hitting the reply button. Because we can't use body language, tone of voice or emotion what we say can easily be misunderstood. Make good use of the smilies and emotion icons to highlight a light-hearted comment that might otherwise appear rude.

    No timewasters please

    Unless you have something worthwhile to contribute to a thread, leave it alone. You don't need to have a post in every thread. Pictures take time to download, so please don't post them unless they're directly relevant and necessary to illustrate what you're talking about. And do you really need to post a poll to decide what colour to change your desktop to?

    Want to chat?

    These forums are not a chat room. A large number of short messages (perhaps 20 or more) being exchanged between two or three users over a very short space of time are considered to be a live chat, which isn't fair on other users who then have to wade through them all. This site does not have a chat faccility, instead we recommend you take the conversation to Private Messages or better still, download MSN Messenger and exchange IDs. It's a great way of getting to know other users, and new friendships often begin this way.

    Avoid conflict at all costs

    You might well disagree with something posted by another user. In these circumstances there's nothing wrong with making this clear and explaining your reasons if you feel particularly strongly, but if the difference in opinion continues or a debate appears to be getting heated it's probably best to say that you'll "agree to differ" on the matter rather than resorting to bickering. If someone disagrees with you or doesn't share your tastes in something, don't take it personally.


    The more formal terms and conditions of use for the forum and website apply at all times, and it is very important that you are fully aware of them. This forum is moderated according to these and also with the above guidelines in mind. If you have an issue with the decision of a moderator, a polite email or PM rather than a public outburst will be the most productive way forward.

    Above all, relax and have fun!
    Jonathan Sellars

    1987 MG Maestro 2.0 EFi
    2011 Jaguar XJ