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    For continental members, who have cars with the steering wheel on the wrong side, Paul Bennett can do a LHD version with the proper number plate of your country.
    He did mine with the previous Belgium plate on my request.
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      I was given one of these prints of the MG Maestro 2.0i complete with my car's own registration number as a Christmas present about four years ago, and I was (and still am) delighted with it. It was definitely something a bit different and much cheaper than having an illustration of your own car specially commissioned - usually anything from 120 if done with colour by a professional artist. As for a commissioned painting, well... expect to pay anything from 200. One very competant artist in Dorset would charge around 700 for a one-off, although the quality of his work is exceptional. This suggests that the price these prints are available at through the club is actually quite reasonable.

      I am going to be ordering another print from the same artist in the near future - a Rover P5B 3.5 Litre Coupe finished in the Admiralty Blue and Silver Birch colour scheme that I so love.
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        Originally posted by Austin-Rover View Post
        ...which brings us nicely back round to Post No4. "Would you buy one if an Estate was available?" A question you have still yet to answer.

        It's simple enough really. These drawings were available before the Club stepped in and started offering them. Why would the Club get him to draw the estste when no one yet wants one? It can easily enough wait until someone says "Yes, I'll have one, can you sort it with the artist for me?"

        As they are all bespoke products anyway - requiring individual personalisation before being sent - doing an estate would be easy enough if one was needed.

        Until then, pipe down and stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. The Club isn't making you estate owners second class citizens, which is what I think you are implying.
        if estate owners are second class citizens, what does that make van owners?


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          Originally posted by ozzienpg View Post
          if estate owners are second class citizens, what does that make van owners?
          Sensible and grown up enough not to throw their toys our of the pram!

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            As an 'In a state' montego owner I would be interested in a picture of F700 with its MG twists.
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              Don't you think F700 is twisted enough?


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                Originally posted by bodgit0_0 View Post
                As an 'In a state' montego owner I would be interested in a picture of F700 with its MG twists.
                Hi Lee maybe PM Chris Y and ask him to approach the artist for you
                John Orrell

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                  Mugs and keyrings are now available in the shop:

         (at the bottom)

                  The mugs in particular are fantastic quality!


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                    2012 calendars are now available. Please see this link:


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                      Originally posted by Chris Y View Post
                      2012 calendars are now available. Please see this link:
                      ...and very good it looks, too! I've got mine ordered already.


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                        Sam Skelton

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                          Just giving this thread a bump as there are new members that may not have seen it.

                          I'm sure if one emails a photo of their car if a Facelift, Estate etc to the artist he will modify the generic picture to suit.