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  • Users of this site under threat

    By chance (I was checking if searching by email worked in Facebook for my email address) I have stumbled across a page on Facebook that caused me concern. I am posting here because it appears to affect many people who use this forum.

    This is the page, which although in Arabic is clearly some sort of hacker site:

    The worrying thing is that many of our email addresses (including mine) are listed in this post:

    Furthermore another page (pastebin) lists even more email addresses:

    I have reported the first page to Facebook but I am not sure what else to do!

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    I'm not sure I want to open any of those links! Just let us know what response FB give, eh!


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      They are not phishing links. The Facebook one is just full of discussions about how to hack sites. I've added a screenshot so those that are curious can take a look without visiting the site.
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        Cheers Matthew. Some nice people around, eh!


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          Is this not the same security breach that happened probably a year or more ago??
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            I think it is and all passwords have been changed since then if it is. The website is currently under redevelopment but I will check this will our developer
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              This was originally posted in August 2015.

              I reported it to Facebook last week but I have received no response and the page is still there