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Maestro and Montego Owners Club Forum Charter

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  • Maestro and Montego Owners Club Forum Charter

    The current forum moderation policy came under a annual review at a recent club committee meeting. It was decided that the moderators of the club forum were required to be more transparent. As such a Club Forum Charter has been appoved, which I would be grateful if everyone could read.

    Maestro and Montego Owners Club Forum Charter

    Forum Members - What we expect from you?
    • You will read the site terms and conditions. and abide by them
    • You will post in plain English (no text abbreviations, etc) in a manner appropiate for readerships of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds.
    • You will not post anything libellous, obscene, threatening or abusive.
    • You will not post under mulitiple usernames
    • You will report any problem posts promptly
    • You will not take the forum "law" into your own hands by attacking or baiting other users, even if the other user is a troll!
    • You will treat other forum members and moderators with respect.

    Moderator Decisions
    - What can be expected from the moderators and adminstrators?
    • We will not ban or suspend any forum member without good reason
    • We will not censor, edit or moderate any posts without good reason
    • We will not discriminate or show prejudice towards any users on any grounds
    • We will take action against inappropiate posts, or "trolls" as quickly as humanly possible
    • We will action any post reports as quickly as humanly possible
    • We will be friendly, considerate and approachable, and open to constructive feedback from users
    • We will treat forum members with respect
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    Not a rule, but a request to make life easier for all, and to increase the chances of a response - can forum members, new or otherwise, please try to post in the correct sections, and not post off topic posts for help in the middle of other threads? The moderating team reserve the right to move or delete any posts which are not posted in the suitable area.