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    Originally posted by Jeanius! View Post

    This is a strange one, because that's an error message that would come up when there's a Captcha in place (the validation thing that asks you to type the letters that you see in the image).

    Did the Captcha itself come up? How did you manage to get past it?

    If it does it again, could you grab a screen print of it and send it over to me? It would be good to see it in place.
    The Captcha didn't come up, just the error message. I tried to post again but it came up with the same message. in the end I just copied what I'd written, navigated away, logged in again - and then pasted my reply as a new reply and it went through.... If it happens again, I'll grab a screen print.


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      The thread problem thread? Not a lot of point really as the forum is so unwieldy and Tanya has said it's not going to changed so we all have to live with it


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        To me the white space seems to be the way table/columns form around the left user identity column. Posting one sentence - it's natural due to the design of the columns they'll be gaps or white space below - especially if you have no signature. You could squash the user identity column to reduce the white space below one sentence inputs? However - it wouldn't look good and why would you want to do that anyway! All forums are bound by table and column rules - I don't see away by that - from my very amateur website builder point of view.

        With regards to cost of website - I often wondered what that would of been. Now that I know - it genuinely doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Although I have very basic knowledge of html code and little experience building a site and how it all works etc. - one thing I do fully understand and that is the time factor! Took me ages to build my site - god know how long jeanius built this one - I believe it was built without templates?
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          Originally posted by Russ View Post
          I inadvertently left my tablet logged on ,it took my 5 minutes to actually get to this page.
          I'm sorry and don't care who I offend now this forum is the absolute pits. It doesn't work properly .
          If the management are listening it should be back to the old one with security updates or money back.
          Now then I've been a member for nine years and a user of the forum for a lot longer. I've never caused trouble in the past but I'm absolutely furious at present. I am definitely not renewing my membership unless there is vote for an A GM the management of the club are not listening to the members one bit , I feel sorry for committee members of the past as I'm very sorry to say especially to Jeff as I don't have any faith in them now
          It's fine russ. I'm not a committee member now and it won't affect our friendship
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            Russ, why don't you contact "jeanius" direct, maybe get him (or her!) to phone you. Even when it was at it's worst it was never anywhere near as bad as you describe. From discussions I've seen on other forums when people have major issues like yours it's normally something on your machine that is exaggerating the issue.Maybe Tanya can put you in touch?


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              In discussion with the committee, we have decided to close this thread. Those who are unhappy with the website, forum and club in general have had ample opportunity to have their views aired and heard.

              To report glitches etc or for questions about how to do things on the forum, please use this thread - Please keep it constructive and if you have a problem, give as many details as possible.

              For comments about the club and long term plans, please use this thread - Again, please keep it constructive.

              Thank you