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    if you got a photo id driving licence issued in 1997 will expire soon.
    it has the date it runs out on the photo id bit
    you canít drive without a valid driving licence.
    You can renew your driving licence four months before the expiry date.

    please check yours before its too late
    Tony Hague

    A clear enthusiast - or a nutter?

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    If I had my way we'd pay to renew them every year, get rid of that rip-off road tax and the licence would allow drivers to drive any car they wanted (obviously following the current constraints of insurance and MOT, of course). Higher-polluting cars are already paying more tax in the first place because they inherrently use more fuel, which is at least 80% tax as it is: that should be enough tax! Anyway that's a different topic :laugh: Thanks for the heads-up
    John Orrell

    MG Maestro Turbos 396 and 502
    MG ZT190+ (53 plate)


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      G51... can you clarify your comment? I don't see how it would be any different to now except I would have to payout every year? I can already drive any car within the constraints of the insurance policy...


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        Hi guys!
        Personally, I am looking for courses that have modern, built for purpose training centre with professional staff that will make my journey to my driving licence as smooth as possible. Any experience with obtaining HGV licence?
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