Folks; we the organising committee are still beavering away to make the show the best it can be for you - the owners, the enthusiasts, and the general public. Unfortunately we have struggled with getting sponsorship for the show - it's the financial world we are currently living in, plus I suppose we are a bit of a specialist interest in the classic car scene.
This means we are having to trim our cloth according to our resources, and some aspects will have to be dropped.
As things stand, we are not going ahead with the Scalextric Maestro Challenge, or having video display screens to show videos from the club's own YouTube channel, as well as other official AR/Rover clips and other content available online.
The Club is providing as much financial backing as is reasonable, but without external funding we have to balance providing a good show for everyone, with being financially responsible.
These cuts are unfortunate, and if anyone feels willing and able to help out in any way that would be much appreciated.
I'm not talking about money there necessarily, but with loans of items such as display boards for printed material, being a site marshal on the day, and anything else you think might be helpful.
The show is for the benefit of all of us, so if you can help please do

Many thanks