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  • Just one week to go

    Morning folks

    It is now exactly one week to the Maestro@40 show at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon.
    I can't believe that we're almost there now after such a long period of planning and prepraration!
    If anyone is coming with a Car and hasn't heard back from us, please contact us today, as you will need information from us about
    how the day is being organised.
    Let's hope for a dry (and maybe even sunny?) day
    If, like me, you can't bring a Maestro to the event, please come along anyway and support us and help celebrate the cars that we love.

    All the Best


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    I've not heard back Andrew - my email is



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      Taxed my 1.3HL today and did about 200 miles in it

      I will be at Gaydon on Sunday, hope to be there by 10.
      1983 (Y) MG 1600
      1985 MG EFi with digital dash (owned since 1987)
      1987 700 City 1.6 Van
      1988 Tandy camper 2.0D
      1990 Advantage, just 29k on the clock
      1990 Clubman D
      1990 MG 2.0i (spares donor)

      (all Maestros)

      Daily drive: Rover 25 GTi

      Weekend rave: Honda Civic Type R GT

      Current projects: Allegro 1.7HLS, Allegro Equipe