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  • Hello from Devon

    Hi there, i have been registered for a while but never owned a maestro or montego ( or even been active on the forum), however have very recently purchased a 1989 Maestro 700 L Van. I am planning to pick it up on Wednesday, but have a couple of pictures i took when viewing:
    (sorry the pics are a bit small, the internet is rubbish here and would take hours else!)

    Its only a 1275 4 speed but just makes working on it so simple however being the L version it does have a cigarette lighter! I plan to spruce it up and be using it early next year.


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    your van looks solid enough and not much is it undernieth by the spring anchors


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      Hi and welcome to the forum. As BigDave alluded, you seem to have got yourself a sound motor and a nice easy winter project. It will be great to see it out and about, next year.

      Now that you've bitten the bullet and become an owner, why not put a marker for your Maestro on our map of the world? Please see the second link in my sig on how to add yourself.
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        The van is pretty solid overall, although haven't had her on the ramp yet. It has got mot so can't be that bad the main rot I can see structurally is that the sills have been repaired poorly so I'm on the lookout for a set and on the rear arches the shock mounts have gone through, the spring hangars look fine, nice and solid. The other bits so far are a hole at the top of each A post inside the door shuts and a bit around the windscreen but nothing major, oh and a little bit on the bottom or the rear arches. The load bed looks almost perfect and the front floors look good I can't wait to get her home and clean her up! Will make such a difference!

        Does anyone know where I can get sills or do normal maestro ones fit etc?