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  • Back again

    Hi, just a little introduction to are MG maestro , that me and my brother bought way back in 2006.
    The car is a 89 on a F face lift MG maestro. It,s not been on the road for 6 years but we got the car running last night ( no earth to efi ecu ) .Just put a temporary feed in for now so car get car moving again, until I find earth point.
    We have had 2 montego a 1.6L on a E plate, a 2.0 LX on a J plate. A 1.6 HLS maestro on Y plate a very early. car, a LX1.3 maestro on a H and finally a B reg
    base model maestro. Plus various other rover s.
    Will let you know how we get on next is to find the earth break and get hand break off .
    Hopefully should be back on road soon, alan

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    Good luck with your restoration. It's always a positive moment when the engine first fires up after a long period of hibernation.


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      I can only begin to imagine how hard that was to find! Fingers crossed no other wires in the loom have suffered the same fate.
      It'll be worth the pain in the end when she's up and running once more.
      Ian Drew
      MG Maestro Turbo '400'
      MG ZT V8
      Rover 75 V6 Estate


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        Thanks, found it by accident really ,was looking for a live to main relay .
        Then earthed out the terminal then fuel pumped primed stepper motor rattled.
        Then tried the ignition it just started. Panicked turned it back of straight away, primed engine oil etc, tried again, it just started.
        So can start the MG again but carnt move it "yet" .
        Got to release the back shoes from the drums. That's the next task any ideas gratefully received. Will get some pictures up at weekend.
        Thanks Alan.