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  • New Montego owner and Member

    Firstly thanks for letting me join. A few months ago I sort of inherited a 1992 Rover Montego EFI in Henley Blue. I have managed to do work required for the MOT but now I am starting to look at work that's not so urgent. "Monty" does drive very smooth but when idling there is a big vibration through the cabin. I have replaced the spark plugs but it has not solved it. The steering wheel especially seems to vibrate on idle.
    Any pointers to try and sort would be appreciated.

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    Looks very nice! Probably worth checking the engine mountings, the top one at the driver's side sometimes moves in its housing, which can cause the brackets to catch. The official fix was to press it back into the correct place, then drill a hole through the housing & fit a pop rivet to hold it in place iirc.


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      It's quite common having the steering wheel vibrate, as per what Dr D says, it can be the engine mountings.could also be that its ilding a bit low. What's the idle revs? Lovely colour btw
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        Nice looking car that