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    Hi all. Thanks to you all for keeping the site and club going.

    I have recently got my MG MAESTRO EFI out of the garage and MOT'd for first time in about 6-7 years. It went through with no advisories, but the bodywork is hmm, shall we say, not concourse. I've finally filled in some dents that happened in 2006 and put on some paint. Sadly it doesn't hide my blushes, but the car is fully usable.

    One query I have is that I have a detected a missing vacuum pipe, is what I assume it to be. As such I am at a loss as to what is missing but have seen it in situ in Haynes manual. . I wasn't sure how to post in the forums now so if anyone has advice that would be appreciated.

    The missing pipe (guessing approx 8-10mm) comes off the back of the throttle body and goes??

    Id be happy

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    Welcome back. From memory throttle pipe connects to the air filter top, manifold pipe to the ignition ecu, the other pipe from the manifold at the bottom goes to the vacuum heater if an early model, if you have a later model nothing is connected
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      Appreciate your info Jeff. I'll take a pic of my actual throttle body just to clarify.