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  • MG Maestro project

    Hi all
    I'm about to embark on restoring this MG Maestro, work hasn't started yet as I have a Saab 9000 to finish first!

    The history is that an MG Maestro (B403 YKP) was my late father's car, and I'm fixing one up in his honour (and while prices aren't too unobtainable).

    I found this white one in Devizes and will be picking it up in a few weeks. Jobs that I know it needs:

    Repair headliner
    Replace sunroof (a good s/h one is included)
    Service and brakes etc
    Indicators not working (but hazards do)
    Address corrosion on roof
    Probably both rear arches
    Clean and rust-protect underside

    and possibly longer term, a respray.

    I've got a good selection of spares with the car and I can't wait to get started! I'll keep you all posted with progress.

    All the best


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    Very good luck, the headlining isn't the massive job it may look like. Here's my one done :-)


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      Parts are still plentiful but have gone up in price. Find the best dashboard you can, there's nothing worse than spending a vast amounts of money on a resto and the dash looks like it's been dragged out of a quarry.
      there's plenty of help here and on the social media forums.
      I have loads of spares so please let me know if I can help.
      Good luck and enjoy the process, make your dad proud.