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  • Hello, and Maestro Radiator

    Hello, my name is Richard and this my first post since joint the group.
    Since last June I have been the proud owner of a 1986 Maestro 1.3L. The previous owner made a really great job of its restoration, which included extensive mechanical and bodywork repairs.
    I'm currently looking for a replacement radiator for the car (Vin No: 371585). I notice that Rimmer Bros do stock a radiator, but it seems to be for the earlier version, up to Vin 367393. I'm having trouble locating the correct radiator for my vehicle and I wonder can help with the correct part number or suggest a supplier.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Richard Deas
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    Is this any good?


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      Thanks for the link, I did have a look at that one on eBay, but it doesn't look like the one in my car.
      I contacted Rimmer Bros, and although they don't have one, they told me the correct part no was APU9515. Further investigation confirmed the part was listed here...

      The drawing on the Motor Doctor website looks about right. Unfortunately, it's out of stock as well, but I found a VALEO RM1148 version on eBay and have ordered it,
      I'll let you know if it fits!!!
      Fingers Crossed.


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        Hi Deas
        Just bought a radiator for my 1.3. had to get it from Portugal, but service was excellent and no problems with delivery.
        Company is :-

        Web :-

        Part number :- GRD982 (ADU9515, GRD107), Radiador, Austin Maestro 1.3 (8/1985 to 7/1989), Montego 1.3 (4/1984 to 4/1989)

        Appeared to be NOS so fitted in just fine :-)

        Any queries please post back


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          Hi Jerry

          Thanks for the link, looks like a very interesting site, I'll bookmark it for future reference.

          The radiator I ordered from eBay has now arrived, and it seems to be correct for my 1986 1.3L Maestro, still to be fitted, but looking positive so far.

          For information, it's a Valeo 730592, RM1148, Rover ADU9515



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            There is a guy selling a 1.3 rad on the clubs Facebook page
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